Lyme Disease

Summer is here and so is tick season in an endemic area for Lyme Disease. The best way for you to protect yourself is to assure you check your family and yourself immediately after going into heavily wooded areas or even your own back yard prior to sitting on furniture and definitely before getting into bed. Showering is where most people find ticks on themselves as a surfaces are exposed. If you feel a new mole or small bump in the skin do not pick at it, check it immediately or having someone look at it to assure it is not a tick. Many people do not realize they ever had a tick on them until they get the diagnose of Lyme Disease. Once the tick gets enough blood it lets go of you and moves on it's way so you may never know they were there. Make sure you check your animals as soon as they come into your house so that they do not bring them into your space. Animals also suffer terribly from Lyme and can be a way for the tick to attach itself to you or one of your children. Pets sit on furniture and often sleep with us, they must be checked before allowing them to do this.

Currently the CDC does not require analysis of the ticks that are found on people as the cost was absorbanent. They also do not recommend giving that single dose of antibiotic with tick bites anymore if the tick was not on you for 72 hours or greater or if the tick was not engorged with blood. As a medical provider this makes me very nervous as I can tell you from experience over the past 30 years we really know very little about Lyme other than how debilitating it can be.

The testing for Lyme is untrustworthy as it gives early false negative and false positive results or is often mistaken early on for Lupus. The treatment for Lupus initially can be steroids. Steroids can decrease our immune response. Therefore if you are given the diagnosis of Lupus due to an inaccurate lab test, treated with steroids and then find out you actually had Lyme Disease, the steroids just decreased your immune system so that Lyme now had time to destroy your body. Steroids make that so much easier for the bacteria.


Natural Benefits recommends you see us immediately after a tick bite, whether it was on you for 10 minutes or 2 days. We can be proactive in irradiating this and protecting your body before it takes hold naturally and holistically. Call (443) 569-0007 or book online


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