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Hello, my name is Raelynn Torzone. In early 2016 my body starting breaking down. I had severe debilitation attacks that would begin as mysteriously as they would end. My symptoms were becoming more frequent and more severe with each attack until one day I felt that my life was in danger. This is when I finally gave into my boyfriend at the time, who is now my loving supportive husband and went to see his medical provider that practiced by Nutrition Response Testing.  I couldn’t speak, swallow, move my arms or legs.   I was laying in bed, I could not call for help. Nothing is more frightening than when you have a medical condition that western medicine tells you is in your head just because they cannot do a test or an X-ray or some other invasive procedure to your body that gives them an answer. This is when you get labeled as having anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue or pain syndrome X,Y or Z.

I could not at the time explain what happened to me next. The doctor checked a muscle reflex in my arm and put some whole food supplements on my body and I started to instantly feel better. I walked out of that office able to move and speak. After careful dietary changes and rebuilding my organs back to their intended optimal health with these supplements I can happily say that I have not had an attack like that since. I was extremely sensitive to pesticides and many foods that I had no idea were affecting my health.

What you might find interesting about me is that I am a Physician Assistant who has worked in Emergency rooms, Urgent cares, Hospital medicine, OB/GYN, Family medicine and in the National Health Service Corp. I have first hand seen the increasing suffering of patient’s over the past 29 years of my career and the new lack of understanding of what is going on with these chronic health conditions. 

I am happy to say that we found the answer with Nutrition Response Testing (NRT). Nothing that you will do for your health will help you more than this SAFE, NON-INVASIVE, NATURAL healing process. We believe in this so much that I became trained in this process and have started our own practice in our community. My husband and I are committed to help as many people as we can until everyone knows NRT is an option for their health. 

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Raelynn Torzone

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